About Us

Woolley Tool has been devising innovative oil & gas solutions since 1933. We began in Kilgore as a simple machine shop, and year after year we’ve been adding services to our arsenal of downhole, completion, and fishing operations.

With offices in East Texas and Oklahoma, we’re well-placed to assist operations throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Our services include fishing tool services & rentals, completion tool & packer rentals, and well-control services.

We have a full machine shop, including CNC fabricators, manual fabricators, and a full-service carbide welder on-site and available 24 hours. Our Kilgore location offers a full-service pipe yard and tubular services for oil & gas operations.

We’ve built Woolley Tool to be a one-stop shop for all of your downhole operations. When you work with us, you get almost a century of oil & gas experience at your disposal, and we’re dedicated to ensuring your site is successful, safe, and cost-effective.

Our Values

  • Mission


    Our number one priority is helping ensure that everyone gets home safe, both our operators and yours. Woolley Tool adheres to a rigorous inspection process for all materials and tools that leave our doors, to ensure quality and adherence to safety specifications.

  • Mission


    Whether we’re providing a service, rental, or product, Woolley Tool is dedicated to providing the best. We guarantee our workmanship and check every product that leaves our facility to ensure it adheres to our quality standards.

  • Mission


    Woolley Tool began as a family business, and for three generations we’ve provided the kind of customer service you would expect from a family-run business. When you work with Woolley Tool, you can expect a business that will take care of your needs.

  • Mission


    Woolley Tool has been structured to provide the most efficient services possible. We understand that situations on the ground develop quickly, and we’ve designed our business to be able to provide solutions fast.