Since 1933
Family Owned, Customer Oriented
Family Owned, Customer Oriented.

About Us

Founded by B.J. Woolley in 1933 during the East Texas oil boom, Woolley Tool, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business serving the needs of downhole operations in East Texas and throughout the United States providing the most advanced technology and a wealth of expert services to keep pretroleum/shale operations safe, efficient, and cost effective.

Woolley Tools, Inc. is your all-in-one stop with latest downhole fishing and rental tools, well control equipment, oil country tubulars, and new pipe sales. Plus, we offer downhole engineering, threading, flush-joint liners, hangers, packers, inspection, reconditioning, and a full machine facility to fill your custom orders.

To serve the needs of new high-pressure shale plays, Woolley Tools has purchased 10K and 15K wellhead and pressure equipment and can provide high-strength tubing work strings, high-torque power swivels.

Pipe Renewal Inc. (P.R.I)

P.R.I. is an associate company of Woolley Tool, Inc. providing services in Phase IV inspection, hydro-testing, pipe, and pipe reconditioning. These services give Woolley Tool, Inc. the industry advantage of meeting the needs of our customers, from T.D. (total depth) to the crown of the derrick. P.R.I. has the most extensive array of rental tubing located in East Texas, making our services convenient to Woodbine and Panola fields, as well as the Haynesville Shale among others.

Workstrings include all sizes of ph-6, C.S. hydril, 8rd T&C, 10rd, I.J.’s, FJ-60 casing liner, W.P. hydril, and more.