Fishing Tools & Fishing Tool Rental

Woolley Tool is known for its fishing tools and fishing tool rentals, including fishing tool supervisors. We’re able to help retrieve and clean cased hole, open hole, and thru tubing rigs. Our supervisors will clear your line quickly, ensuring that you and your crew are able to return to production.

Our selection of fishing rental equipment includes everything to make the process simpler, like Hawker Laydown Machines, to the equipment you’ll need to fish the line and retrieve whatever’s blocking it.

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Blowout Preventers

As wells have become more and more pressurized, Woolley Tool has adapted to continue to provide one-stop service for our customers. We offer a wide range of BOPs, including annular, chasovy, singly & double Cameron type “U,” and blind, pipe, variable, punch, slip, and shear blind RAM types.

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Flush Joint Liner

Woolley Tool’s pipe yard also produces flush joint liners in a variety of sizes, and we’re capable of producing all the liners you’ll need to get your rig back to production. Our experienced project managers will also be able to help you find the liner your well needs, also.

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Pipeyard & Tubular Services

Woolley Tool has a full-service pipe yard offering tubular services and engineering 24 hours a day. When you order from Woolley Tool, we’re able to begin production immediately. We can have your order completed, inspected, shipped, and at your worksite as early as the beginning of business the very next day.

Woolley Tool has been providing tubular services for almost 100 years, and our technicians are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable. We stand by our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee that your purchase will suit your needs perfectly.

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Completion Services & Packers

Woolley Tool offers competition supervisors and a wide range of production packers, including squeeze & service packers and casing & liner packers. We also stock composite bridge plugs, cement retainers, tubing anchors, and other tools that will help you cement your line and begin production.

Our extensive experience in the oil & gas industry allows us to provide innovative solutions for a variety of needs. No two wells are alike, but you can trust that Woolley Tool will be able to help with yours.

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Machine/carbide Shop

Woolley Tool operates a full-service, 24-hour machine shop. Our dedicated machinists have extensive experience creating precision parts, and our shop includes both manual machines and CNC machines.

We have a carbide welder onsite, too. That means we’re able to provide machined, carbide-coated parts. We accept orders even in the dead of night and will be able to get your parts to you as soon as the next day, even with a rigorous inspection prior to shipping.

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