SINCE 1933

In the almost 100 years that Woolley Tool has been working in the oilfields, we’ve developed a reputation for developing the innovative solutions our downhole drilling clients need.

We’re dedicated to providing uncompromising quality–uncompromising on safety and uncompromising on efficiency. We have a history of innovative solutions that allow us to maximize our production capabilities while remaining nimble enough to address our clients’ problems as they develop on the ground.

Over the years, we’ve expanded our offering and now offer a comprehensive slate of services and tools which simplifies our clients’ requisition process, and each item is rigorously inspected to ensure its quality and safety tolerances.

Whether you’re drilling or in production, Woolley Tool can provide the services you need–fast. Contact us to learn how we can help or browse our selection of tools online.

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Oilfield Pipe Yard For Oklahoma Well Sites

Woolley Tool has a full-service pipe yard that provides a range of casings and complete threading services. We’re able to get your casing ready quickly, even with a rigorous pre-shipment quality assurance inspection.


Casing failures are costly, and because we have so much experience in O&G we know just how costly. In addition to standard casing, Woolley Tool is able to provide flush joint liners and installation services that will ensure your well continues to produce.

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Downhole Equipment Rental & Services

Woolley Tool has a comprehensive inventory of downhole tools. Combined with our unparalleled industry experience, we’re able to provide a full suite of downhole tools and services that our clients can depend on.

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    Downhole Fishing Tools

    Drilling and production delays cost money, and our extensive experience in the oil & gas industry means we know just how much. That’s why we offer a broad range of fishing tools, equipment, and services to get you back up and running–fast.

    Our oilfield fishing tools & supervisors provide efficiency without sacrificing safety. We take your delays seriously and do everything in our power to ensure your well isn’t down for long.

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    Well Completion Tools

    Our large inventory of completion and downhole completion tools, combined with our unmatched industry experience, means that we can provide completion services for some of the most challenging well sites.

    Our team’s experience ensures that you’ll be up and producing efficiently–all without sacrificing our dedication to onsite safety.

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    Blowout Preventers & Accessories

    High-pressure wells have become more and more common on just about every oilfield in the world. We’ve earned our reputation for innovation for a reason, and that’s why we provide a variety of blowout preventers and accessories for our clients.

    Our inventory of BOPs and accessories includes equipment for almost any type of well, and our onsite engineers will ensure that your product functions exactly how it needs to.

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    Thru Tubing Tools

    We provide a range of thru tubing services and tools. Whether you’re in production or still drilling, Woolley Tool’s exceptional experience in the industry means that we slot right into your onsite crew and are able to do whatever you need efficiently and safely.

Oil & Gas Machine Shop–Open 24/7

Woolley Tool began as a machine shop focusing on providing oil field machining services to Texas and Louisiana wells. We proudly continue that tradition to this day.

Our machine shop is open night and day, which ensures that we’re able to provide precision oil and gas machining–often as soon as the next morning. Each part is rigorously tested prior to delivery, and our onsite engineers are available to help your field crew should they need it.

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Carbide Shop

In addition to precision machining, Woolley Tool offers a full carbide shop able to provide the coatings you need to ensure your parts last. Each of our carbide parts undergoes the same rigorous quality assurance process, and our engineer is available to assist you should you need it.

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