Since 1933, Woolley Tool has been providing insightful and innovative solutions for oil & gas companies, and that history of innovation has paid off.

We’re one of the most respected oilfield services companies in Louisiana, and that’s because we provide efficiency without sacrificing quality or safety. We’re able to match other companies’ production capabilities while offering a streamlined decision-making process that allows us to respond quickly to situations on the ground.

Over the years, we’ve continued to expand our offers and provide a comprehensive list of downhole equipment and services that simplify your purchasing and requisition process–all rigorously inspected prior to shipping.

If you’re a downhole drilling operation in Louisiana, we can help. Contact us today to speak to a representative or view our products online.

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Oilfield Pipeyard For Louisiana Well Sites

In addition to providing a range of tools and services, Woolley Tool has a full-service pipe yard. We’re able to provide a range of sizes and complete threading services and do so in a way that gets you the pipe you need for your well quickly.

Every shipment is thoroughly inspected and tested before it leaves our facility, so you can rest assured knowing that our pipe will perform well and keep your field hands and your well completely safe.

Flush Joint Liners

In addition to providing casing, Woolley Tool is able to provide flush joint liners. A failed casing can cause delays and ruin a well. Our experience means that we understand those stakes and are able to get the liner you need to save the well and continue production.

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Downhole Drilling Tools & Oilfield Solutions

Woolley Tool combines an extensive selection of downhole tools and almost a century of experience in the oilfield industry. We’re to offer almost everything an oil & gas company needs for its downhole operations.

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    Fishing & Rental Tools

    Delays to drilling, completion and production cost a lot of money. Woolley Tool provides an extensive inventory of fishing tool rentals, and our field operators bring their extensive experience to bear when on your well site.

    Our experience means we understand how much delays cost, and our teams are dedicated to providing the efficiency you need to get back to production.

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    Well Completion Tools

    Woolley Tool’s extensive experience ensures that we’re able to handle completions for even the most challenging downhole project. Combined with our extensive inventory of completion & downhole completion tools, we’re able to provide a wide range of services to help you get to production.

    As always, our extensive experience ensures our team knows the stakes and is prepared to slot into your on-site crew to ensure that the job goes smoothly and efficiently.

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    Blow Out Preventers & Accessories

    In the past few decades, wells have become more and more pressurized. Fracking is a popular drilling method throughout the nation, and Woolley Tool has kept up with these advancements in drilling technology.

    We have an extensive inventory of blowout preventers and blowout preventer accessories, each rigorously tested prior to and after installation to ensure they’re functioning within tolerances.

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    Thru Tubing Tools

    Woolley Tool provides a range of thru tubing tools and services. Whether prior to production or after well completion, our crews are dedicated to providing efficient thru tubing services that don’t compromise on safety.

    Our experience ensures that we’re able to provide the thru tubing and downhole services you need, and our organization ensures we’re able to get them to you quickly.

Oil And Gas Machine Shop–Open 24/7

We have a full-service machine shop with a wide range of capabilities and crews at our facility 24 hours a day. In a lot of situations, we’re able to get precisely-machined and rigorously tested production parts to your well site the next morning.

Our shop is able to provide CNC machining alongside manual machining if you need precision parts. Our on-site engineer is also available to help with anything you may need.

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Oil And Gas Carbide Shop

We have a full-service carbide shop that can provide carbide-coated parts. Our carbide machine shop is able to provide precision parts custom designed to prevent wear and tear on your rig. Our carbide components undergo the same rigorous screening that all of our machined parts do, also, so you can rest assured knowing that it will perform within standard tolerances.

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