The Hawker Pipe Handler / Hydraulic Catwalk is your solution to increased safety, speed and efficiency when you are servicing a well. Everything on our Pipe Handler has been designed to help eliminate all your safety concerns. Our index arms will pick up the pipe right from the pipe racks so no manual labor is needed. Our hydraulic trough then raises the pipe to the subfloor of the workover rig and the skate pushes the pipe to the rig hands. The Pipe Handler operator has the option of using the controls physically located on the on the machine, which are very simple to operate and easy to control. Workers can also use our state of the art wireless remote control. The Wireless remote allows the operator to be flexible and maneuver position to increase visibility. The Hawker Pipe Handler can reach sub-floor heights of up to 31 feet. Combine that with the power of the Kubota or Caterpillar engine powering the Hydraulic Catwalk unit, you have a machine that has the speed and power to more than keep up with your well service operation and increase overall efficiency. The Hawker Hydraulic machine reduces the need for manual labor when lifting the pipe to and removing from the service rig. Its speed and efficiency is designed to improve production times and reduce costs. The Hawker is simple to move from site to site. When you pull on to a job site the Hawker can be set-up and ready to go within minutes.





19750 +/-

Hitch Type Gooseneck

2 5/16 Ball

Coupler Maximum Length


Deck Length


Transport Height

46” (deck height)

Maximum Height

(Jacks fully extended) 58”

Tubular Kickers

Able to reach down to 16”

Fuel Gauge

Located on Control Panel

Block Heater

Glow plugs starting aide and tank heater

Operator’s Controls

Manual proportional valve bank

Maximum Lift

3600 lbs


Trough Length


Trough Cycle Time

26 sec @ 2150 RPM

Cycle up

14 sec @ 2150 RPM

Cycle down

12 sec @ 2150 RPM

Trough Style

28 degree “V” with 9’ bolt on extension

Tubular Trough Flippers

Hydraulic – 2 left, 2 right

 Adjustable Trough Heights

Up to 31’ with extension